Rx Alliance provides customized growth strategies and high-margin solutions to institutional, assisted living, specialty pharmacy and acute care providers.  Rx Alliance currently has over 1,000 participating pharmacies in its network,  providing them personalized support with contracting goals, sales and marketing strategies, purchasing and business development services.  By refining the pharmacies product contracts with vendors, wholesalers and supply channels, Rx Alliance develops pathways to growth.

The division is rounded out with a data analytics component, providing comprehensive buy-side as well as sell-side factors impacting daily business operations.  Rx Alliance produces actionable reports on contract analysis, acquisition confirmation and rebate reconciliation, with the goal opening new profit pathways for HIG’s clients.


Purchasing Power

Rx Solutions provides the Independent Retail pharmacy with a procurement platform that can be used as a primary purchasing source or deployed to augment purchasing options from your Prime Vendor. Rx Solution’s unique purchasing channel allows immediate access to proprietary pricing on HIG Contracted products along with competitive daily specials for hard to find items or those which are in short supply.  RxSolutions also provides  highly competitive pricing on OTC, Wellness and Med/Surg products. RxSolutions also provides revenue enhancing pharmaceutical returns services through HIG’s Reverse Logistics program.  This program provides a higher value returns schedule along with a shorter processing time so your pharmacy will benefit in both ways. If an independent pharmacy is interested in enhancing their revenue, a simple way to achieve this goal is through participation in the array of products and services offered through RxSolutions.


Premium Products

The Rx Genix division offers immediate value to our participating clients. Pharmacy providers have access to discounted proprietary products developed and licensed by HIG. Receiving direct discounts on Rx Genix products is the ‘genesis’ of savings to you and your customers. The Topigenix Wound Care line, the Actigenix Sport Creams and Zylast offer unique opportunities to drive revenue. You can count on HIG to bring early-stage products, medical devices and new healthcare technologies to your purchasing team on an ongoing basis. Our pipeline is strong, and by working together to define opportunities, bringing new products to market and supporting innovation that will benefit the Independent Pharmacy community, Rx Genix will continue to deliver value to our clients.