The Right C® Powder

(60 servings / 78g)


Product Description

The Right C® – A Doctor C Vitamin is The Next Generation of Vitamin C™. Our 78mg Vitamin C powder is formulated with proprietary EnterCell™ and MultiPath®technology, The Right C® utilizes multiple pathways into the cell providing up to 400% more absorption that conventional Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). The Right C® is also the only Vitamin C on the market that is formulated with Riboperine® Metabolite Complex, enhancing the uptake of Vitamin C and in some cases, improving cellular energy (ATP) production – giving you an extra energy boost before a workout, a big exam or a day at the park with the kids!

This unique powder formulation is tasteless and odorless allowing you to increase your intake of Vitamin C by adding it to any morning smoothie, afternoon protein shake or any other healthy concoction you can dream up!