The Healthcare Industry Group Inc. announces the launch of their innovative Topigenix™ Wound Care Line

April 14, 2016


Naples, FL – April 14, 2016 – Topigenix™, a division of the Healthcare Industry Group, Inc. (HIG), announces the launch of a new wound care management method now available in the United States. The innovative wound care line includes three wound healing products: Topigenix Skin and Wound Cleanser, Topigenix Wound Gel and Topigenix Wound Cream. Topigenix products have been scientifically formulated to provide an optimum wound healing environment and are intended to work synergistically to improve patient outcomes, shorten healing time, and reduce the overall cost of patient wound care management.

Topigenix Skin and Wound Cleanser cleans and decontaminates wounds, moistens and debrides, aids in reducing bleeding, decreasing swelling, preventing infection, and promoting healing.

Topigenix Wound Gel is a hydrogel that absorbs exudate, moisturizes acute and chronic wounds and provides persistent decontamination of wounds. The hydrogel promotes optimal wound surface pH to support healing and is safe for both repeated and long-term use.

Topigenix Wound Cream provides a moist wound healing environment while reducing swelling and minimizing discoloration associated with bruising. The cream prevents skin breakdown and when used in conjunction with the Topigenix Skin and Wound Cleanser and Wound Healing Gel, helps protect the surrounding wound area.

All of the Topigenix Wound Care products are non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating to the skin.

The products are now available and manufactured in the USA for Topigenix™. HIG offers pilot programs in LTC and Rehab facilities to determined best practice protocols and affirm product efficacy. Topigenix products are indicated for use with Stage I–IV diabetic and pressure ulcers, surgical incisions, first and second degree burns, cuts, abrasions, and wound types as indicated in the Topigenix prescribing information.

The Topigenix Wound Care line presents a new generation of front line products formulated to utilize the body’s natural healing processes to accelerate healing time, minimize nursing time with wound management and intervention to encourage wound closure and healing.

“We are excited about launching these pioneering Topigenix Wound Care products to Healthcare Professionals in Long Term Care and Acute Care facilities,” said HIG President, John Lundquist. “The exclusive Topigenix formulations offer exceptional patient management options, while providing cost containment options for facilities facing declining reimbursement and increased regulatory scrutiny.”

Recognizing the right scientific products and clinical protocols for wound healing is vital to managing patient outcomes, facility reputation, quality scores, and ultimately the bottom line. Topigenix™ Wound Care products are formulated to care for patients across the continuum of care (acute post-operative, rehab, sub-acute, skilled, long term care, and home care).

About Healthcare Industry Group, Inc.

HIG is a unique, multi-faceted company specializing in health and wellness product development and business consulting solutions. Comprised of two main divisions: “Topigenix™” develops and distributes health and wellness products and “HIG Consulting” provides full service business consulting and data analytics services. Our goal is to create value for our clients and our investors by providing innovative products, new revenue opportunities and supply channel management solutions to clients in community pharmacy, LTC, SP and Acute Care provider channels.

For more information on HIG Topigenix & Consulting Services, please view our website at: or call: 1-800-931-1554


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Forward-Looking Statements – Statements found in this news release that are not statements of historical fact may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. Statements made reflecting pilot programs and studies may differ from the intended outcomes of those using the Topigenix products in the future. Readers are cautioned that certain important factors may affect future results and could cause such results to differ from those made in this press release or that are otherwise made by or on behalf of the Healthcare Industry Group, Inc. Factors that could cause or contribute to differences between the Company’s actual results and those of healthcare providers using the Topigenix products are dependent on appropriate application and usage of the products, and whether other factors compromise the overall condition of the patients being treated. Reference material, Topigenix product information and related information are available on request by contacting Healthcare Industry Group:

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