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Topigenix Wound Care System

Topigenix is HIG’s proprietary, private brand line of wound care products that treat chronic wounds, acute wounds and scarring. These exclusive products are advanced wound healing creams and solutions that provide thorough antiseptic coverage, accelerate tissue wound recovery and tissue regrowth. HIG markets Topigenix into its existing retail, home care, institutional and assisted living facility networks.

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 Topigenix Skin and Wound Cleanser

8 oz Bottle (236.6 ml)

– Wound cleansing and debridement

– Removal of foreign material including microorganisms

– Wound dressing moistening

– Non-toxic, Non-sensitizing, Non-irritating

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Topigenix Wound Cream

1 oz Tube (28.35 gm)

– Provides a moist and soothing healing environment

– Provides essential elements for healing

– Provides a low pH

– Non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritating

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HIG_Topogenix-026Topigenix Wound Gel (hydrogel)

5ml Tube – Box of 10 Tubes

–  Hydrogel

–  Covers wound

– Absorbs wound exudate

– Controls bleeding

– Protects against abrasion, friction and desiccation

– Protects against contamination

– Non-toxic, Non-sensitizing, Non-irritating